Our school staff

Interim Executive Headteacher – Mrs H Rai

Non Classroom based teachers
Mrs A Towers – Senco
Mr J Nolan – Science Teacher

Non Classroom based learning support assistants
HLTA Induction – Mrs M Mathadu
LSA pupil support/school librarian- Mrs D Sharp

Lower School

EYFS (Nursery and Reception) and Year 1
Interim Head of School strategic leader of phase – Miss L Simpson
Assistant Headteacher – Mrs E Hodgkinson
Phase Leader – Mrs A Gillani
HLTA/Family Liaison – Mrs H Mahay


Learning Support Assistants

Nursery – Miss E Fox
RSF – Miss S Fatania (Year Leader)
RPT – Miss P Thakarshi
RAN – Miss A Nichols

Nursery – Mrs N Marwan
Nursery – Mrs H Duale
Nursery – Mrs M Mir
Nursery – Mrs P Tank
Nursery – Miss L Thomas

Reception – Mrs P Kaile
Reception – Mrs K Matha
Reception – Mrs S Fernandes

Year 1
1SB – Miss S Bhogaita (Year Leader)
1AG – Miss A Gillani
1JP – Mr J Peacock

Year 1
Mrs B Juneja
Mrs I Sahi
Miss L Thomas
Mrs P Tank

Middle School

Year 2 and Year 3
Interim Head of School strategic leader of phase – Miss L Simpson
Assistant Headteacher – Mrs E Hodgkingson
Phase Leader Year – Miss E Kular
HLTA/Family Liaison – Mrs A Dhaliwal

Year 2
2UA – Miss U Ali (Year lead)
2EK – Miss E Kular
2SP – Miss S Poonja

Year 2
Mrs S Itlas
Miss T Usmani

Year 3
3LN – Miss L Nash (Year Leader)
3JF – Mr J Fenouillet
3RC – Miss R Chandrakanthan

Year 3

Upper School

Year 4 and Year 5
Interim Head of School strategic leader of phase – Mrs R Bartholomew
Assistant Headteacher – Miss T Byrne
Phase Leader – Mr T Kelly
HLTA/Family Liaison – Mrs N Aggarwal

Year 4
4RK – Miss R Kumar (Year Leader)
4NA – Mr N Antoniou
4SW – Miss S Warsame

Year 4

Year 5
5TK- Mr T Kelly
5GG – Miss G Ghai
5Ak – Miss A Kaler

Year 5

Year 6 team

Interim Head of School strategic leader of phase – Mrs R Bartholomew
Assistant Head Teacher – Miss T Byrne
Phase Leader –  Miss E Dobee
HLTA/Family Liaison – Mrs S Bagga

Year 6
6SN – Miss S Nandra (Year lead)
6WP – Miss W Prokop/ Miss T Byrne
6ED – Miss E Dobee


Support Staff

Senior School Business Manager – Mrs A Hancock

School Administrators
Finance – Mrs B Wadhera
Attendance – Mrs S Lambrias
Admissions – Mrs R Mangat

Site Management
Site Manager – Mr T Semczuk
Assistant Site Manager  – Mrs J Cruz

School Meals Supervisory Assistants
Mrs J Cruz (Senior SMSA)
Mrs J Amin
Mrs S Bhamra
Mrs M Bhogal
Mrs S Bhuee
Mrs F Hussain
Mrs N Haling
Mrs R Jahangir
Mrs I Jheita Mrs M Khanna
Mrs J Kahlon
Mrs M Mir
Mrs S Walia

J Amin
J Cruz
J Kahlon
M Kieres
D Sahota
J Sangha

Trade Union facility time

Some schools are required to publish details of the amount of time off taken each year by staff who are union officials. Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 Information is published by Ealing Council as at 31st July 2018, in respect of the period 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018. Please click here to access the information

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