Our school staff

I am very proud to have such a committed team of staff to ensure your child makes the most of every learning opportunity.

Our teachers are recruited first and foremost on their abilities in the classroom, a genuine enthusiasm and total commitment to motivating our children to achieve. We have a highly skilled learning support team who are a key resource to guide learning activities in the classroom. From the administration staff, site management team, to our school meal supervisory assistants, every member of the staff is dedicated and professional.

Below you will find the current school staff list. We hope that you will find this useful should you need to contact the school.

Headteacher – Mrs H Rai

Lower School: EYFS and Year 1

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs E Hodgkinson


Miss P Thakarshi (Year lead teacher)

Learning support staff
Nursery Nurse – Mrs N Marwan
Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs N Aggarwal


RUA – Miss U Ali (Year lead teacher)
RZP – Miss Z Parke
RAB – Miss A Bouakkaz

Learning support staff
LSA – Mrs I Sahi
Nursery Nurse – Mrs K Matha
Nursery Nurse – Mrs H Duale

Year 1 

1AP – Miss A Poole (Year lead teacher)
1SK – Mrs S Bhundai
1MR – Miss M Razhi

Core subject support team:
Assistant Headteacher – Mrs E Hodgkinson
Trainee Teacher – Miss P Sharma
HLTA – Miss H Mahay
LSA – Mrs B Juneja

Middle School - Year 2 , Year 3 and Year 4

Deputy Headteacher – Miss P Bal

Year 2
2ED – Miss E Dobee (Year lead teacher)
2CD – Mrs C Desousa
2AK – Miss A Kaler

Year 3
3RK – Miss R Kumar (Year lead teacher)
3TU – Miss T Usmani
3HK – Miss H Kasmi

Year 4
4GG – Miss G Ghai (Year lead teacher)
4HH – Miss H Haid
4NG – Miss N Gill
Mrs A Dhaliwal – Trainee Teacher

Core subject support team:
Deputy Headteacher – Miss P Bal
LSA – Mrs S Itlas (Year 2)
LSA – Mrs S Salehi-Fernandes (Year 3)
HLTA – Mrs P Tank (Year 4)

Upper School - Year 5 and Year 6

Deputy Headteacher – Miss L Simpson

Year 5
5RB – Mrs R Bartholomew (Year lead teacher)
5JP – Mr J Peacock
5LC – Miss L Clarridge

Year 6
6TK – Mr T Kelly (Year lead teacher)
6LN – Miss L Nash
6SW – Miss S Warsame

Core subject support team for upper school:
Deputy Headteacher – Miss L Simpson
Assistant Headteacher – Miss T Byrne
Teacher – Mr M Hartley
HLTA – Mrs S Bagga
Trainee teacher – Miss K Longland

Teaching and learning specialists

Working across the whole school:

Senior Teachers
Mrs A Towers – SENCo
Mr J Nolan

Specialist Provision
Ms M Vanmarche – French
Mr J Steenbergen – Music

Learning Support
Mrs M Mathadu – HLTA for Induction/EAL

Leaders of learning


Leader of Learning Subject specific leadership responsibility Additional curriculum leadership responsibilities
Miss U Ali Reading
Miss R Kumar Writing
Miss E Dobee Maths
Mr J Nolan Science Design and technology
Miss E Hodgkinson Performing arts (music, drama and dance) Forest School lead
Mrs A Towers Computing
Outdoor learning
Provision for pupils with special educational needs.
Catering for pupils with medical needs.
Mr T Kelly Healthy Schools including PE Assessment
Miss T Byrne PHSE and RE Design and technology
Provision for pupils with English as an additional language
Miss L Nash Lead Practitioner (overview of teaching and learning)
Mrs R Bartholomew Art and design Mental health support provision
Miss P Bal French
Mrs S Bhundai History
Miss A Poole Geography


SEN team

SENCo – Mrs A Towers (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Learning Support Assistants
LSA – Miss N Gater – Lead SEN support
LSA – Mrs R Neville – SEN support
LSA – Mrs M Channa – SEN support
LSA – Miss L Thomas – SEN support
LSA – Miss M Mir – SEN support

Learning Support team
Learning Support Staff

HLTA – Miss H Mahay
HLTA – Mrs S Bagga
HLTA – Mrs P Tank

Cover supervisor – Mrs S Itlas
Cover supervisor – Mrs S Salehi-Fernandez

Support team

Senior School Business Manager and strategic leader of support team – Mrs A Hancock

School Administrators
Finance – Mrs B Wadhera
Attendance – Mrs S Lambrias
Admissions – Mrs R Mangat

School Meals Supervisory Assistants
Mrs J Cruz (Senior SMSA)
Mrs J Amin
Mrs S Bhambra
Mrs M Bhogal
Mrs F Hussain
Mrs N Haling
Mrs R Jahangir
Mrs I Jheita
Mrs M Khanna
Mrs J Kahlon
Mrs M Mir
Mrs S Walia

Site Management
Site Manager – Mr T Semczuk
Assistant Site Manager – Mrs J Cruz

Mrs J Amin
Mrs J Cruz
Mrs J Kahlon
Mrs M Kieres
Mrs D Sahota
Mrs J Sangha

Trade Union facility time

Some schools are required to publish details of the amount of time off taken each year by staff who are union officials. Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 Information is published by Ealing Council. Please click here to access the information

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