The School Governors

Governors are at the heart of how the school operates. If you want to contact the chair of governors or any other governor please leave a message or a letter at the school office and your request will be passed on to the relevant governor.


The governors work closely with the headteacher and the senior leadership team to raise standards and ensure that the school has high expectations of all its pupils. The governors take a long-term strategic view and promote effective ways of teaching and learning when setting school aims and policies.

In addition they appoint and performance manage the headteacher, agree the school improvement plan, set and monitor the budget and agree the staffing structure.

They do this together with the headteacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management and leadership of the school. At Lady Margaret Primary School, we are fortunate to have a very effective governing body, with many highly experienced, committed and knowledgeable governors.

Our governing body is made up of:

  • 3 parent governors elected by parents at the school
  • 2 staff governors elected by the staff
  • 6 co-opted governors (COGs) appointed by the governing body, including a non-teacher staff member
  • 1 Local Authority governor appointed by the London Borough of Ealing.

Herpal Bhachu

Fatima Yousaf

Santhosh Kumar Karuvari

Mrs. Herpal Bhachu

Name: Herpal Bhachu

Category of Governor: Parent Governor

Committees: Vice Chair Learning and Teaching Committee

Brief statement: My two children currently attend Lady Margaret Primary School and thoroughly enjoy going to school every day. I am currently working as a HR Admin Officer in Hillingdon. Two years ago I was elected Parent Governor. I have great passion in contributing to the community and improving Children’s Education.

For me it gives me great pleasure to support the Head teacher and to be a part of a successful team. I have the opportunity to develop new skills and put into practise existing ones.

I made a choice to volunteer as a parent governor as I wanted to make a valuable contribute to the school, offering my commitment, enthusiasm, ideas and most importantly my time and support to provide the best and effective learning for the children.

I believe that all children are given the best opportunities in life for learning; I want Lady Margaret Primary to be the best at delivering and to provide that enjoyable, forthcoming environment where children can excel in learning.

Fatima Yusaf

Mrs. Fatima Yusaf

Name: Fatima Yousaf

Category of Governor: Parent Governor

Committees: Learning and Teaching Committee

Brief Statement: I have had the unique opportunity to volunteer as a parent governor with Lady Margaret Primary School for over two years now and have a son who is currently attending.

During my time as a governor I have had the privilege to help support, sustain and contribute to the schools continual development in achieving excellence of learning and teaching, whilst it promotes a stimulating, dynamic, safe and happy environment for all pupils and staff and parents alike.

I have lived in Ealing for many years, and work full time within the recycling division. I wanted to be a governor as I am passionate and committed about the exciting challenges in education, as well as the prospect of giving every child the right to make something of their lives.

By contributing my time and enabling the use my skills within the community I look forward to continue working with the school, as part of a team, as it creates more positive results for all those involved!

Mr Santhosh K Karuvavi

Mr. Santhosh K Karuvani

Name: Mr. Santhosh Kumar Karuvari

Category of Governor: Parent Governor

Committees: Learning and Teaching Committee

Brief Statement: My wife and I live in Southall with our two daughters. I very much enjoy the time I spend with my own children helping them with their studies and trying to enrich their lives.To be honest I enjoy the experience of learning,or re-learning,and I hope that by showing willing it encourages my children to want to push their own learning and enjoy the experience.

My aim is to be able to make a positive contribution to the school and every child’s education and play an active role in helping the school to go from strength to strength. I am keen for as many children as possible to enjoy their childhoods, get the most out of life and be happy and fulfilled. – At the end of the day our children are our future and our lasting legacy.

Helen Rai

Liane Simpson

Helen Rai Headteacher

Helen Rai Headteacher

Name: Helen Rai

Category of Governor: Staff Governor – Headteacher

Miss Liane Simpson

Name: Liane Simpson

Category of Governor: Staff Governor – Teachers

Co-Opted Governors

Tom Challenor

Amy Dhaliwal

Simon Prebble

Devinder Mankoo

Owain Dobson

Jon Goulding

Tom Challenor

      Tom Challenor

Name: Tom Challenor

Category of Governor: Co-opted Member

Committees: Chair of Resources Committee

Brief Statement: I am a qualified chartered accountant and have held a number of executive roles in the financial services sector.

I am currently an independent director of several companies and a member of the Boards of NHS North West London and NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups for Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon.

I have been a resident in the London Borough of Ealing for 30 years and have a strong sense of community. I am passionate about education and want to make a contribution in whatever way I can to the development of every child at the school.

Amy Dhaliwal

         Amy Dhaliwal

Name: Amy Dhaliwal

Category of Governor: Co-opted Member

Committees: Learning & Teaching

Brief Statement: I work as a Learning Support Assistant at Lady Margaret Primary School and have four children, three of whom attend the school.

I have a long history with Lady Margaret Primary School, having attended this school when I was younger.  Being a governor leaves me with a feeling of pride and I am happy to be able to give something back to the school.

Deviner Mankoo

      Devinder Mankoo

Name: Mr Devinder Mankoo

Category of Governor: Parent Governor – with a responsibility for Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Committees: Learning and Teaching Committee

Brief Statement: I have three children at Lady Margaret Primary School in Key Stages 1 and 2 and I work as a civil servant. I believe that our children and staff deserve the opportunity to attend the best school locally and which provides the best environment for both academic and personal development, in a fun and friendly community.

I believe that in many different ways we all can play a part in trying to provide the best school for our children and staff. For me, volunteering as a governor is one way that I can ‘do my bit’ to help achieve this.

lady margaret headshots 8sept15-52-3280s squareName: Simon Prebble

Category of Governor: Co-opted Member

Committees: Vice ChairResources Committee

Brief Statement: I am a headteacher of a primary school in Ealing. I have worked in education for 26 years as a head, senior leader and class teacher in 3 London boroughs.

For 3 years I was the Principal Primary Adviser for Ealing and led the primary school improvement team. I have a lot of experience of governing bodies both as a member and by supporting schools.

I have been a resident in the London Borough of Ealing for nearly 23 years. I believe schools should have high expectations of their children, parents and staff as pupils only have one chance to enable them to be successful in their future lives.

I am looking forward to working with the governing body to challenge and support the school to improve further.

Owain Dobson

        Owain Dobson

Name: Owain Dobson

Category of Governor: Co-opted Member

Committee: Resources

I have three children going through schools in Ealing. I realised that it is really important to participate in schools in Ealing, as if I stood back and watched, but quietly offered my view in the playground, how would the schools ever improve.

This is why I volunteered to be an independent Governor. I run a global communications business, with teams in every country in the world. Working with all these teams, and realising what makes one person happy, may leave another confused, or they may not have understood means I can add a dimension to the school to ensure effective communication.

Combine this with a strong focus on knowing where you want to go and why, and a neutrality being independent that does not make me afraid to ask why the school and council are making decisions, and the value to you as the parents, keep me motivated to help you and the school become stronger.

lady margaret headshots 8sept15-49-3274s square

Jon Goulding

Name: Jon Goulding:

Category of Governor: Co-opted Member

Committees: Chair of Learning & Teaching Committee

Brief Statement: I have worked in education for 20 years and was a headteacher for 12 years. I currently work as a primary adviser in the London Borough of Hounslow.

I have previously worked with a variety of local authorities, supporting schools with leadership issues, improving the quality of teaching and improving pupil outcomes. In this role I have actively worked with governing bodies and hope I can bring this experience to supporting Lady Margaret School with its future developments.



Councillor Swaran Padda

Councillor Swaran Padda

Councillor Swaran Padda

Name: Councillor Swaran Padda

Category of Governor: Local Authority Governors

Each term the full governing body meets.

Each of the committees meet every term to concentrate on different areas of school life.

Structure & agenda include:

  • Budgets
  • Resources
  • Financial Management / SFVS
  • Pay & Staffing/CPD
  • Business Management
  • Premises
  • Health and safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Environment
  • Community cohesion

Committee Members (7)

  • Chair: Tom Challenor
  • Helen Rai
  • Cllr. Swaran Padda
  • Devinder Mankoo
  • Owain Dobson
  • Simon Prebble
  • Liane Simpson

Structure & agenda include:

  • Standards/Pupil outcomes/data
  • Teaching & Learning
  • ‘Narrowing the gap’/ SEN
  • Pupil Premium
  • Target setting

Committee Members (5)

  • Chair: Jon Goulding
  • Helen Rai
  • Santhosh Kumar Karuvari
  • Herpal Bhachu
  • Devinder Mankoo
  • Amarjit Dhaliwal

Governors may also have additional responsibilities:

PDF-Icon Governors Roles

Governors Register of Interests:

PDF-Icon Register of interests summary 16-4-16

Governor Attendance 2015-16:

Mrs H Rai Headteacher 10 10 100%
Mr D Mankoo Co-opted Governor Chair of Governors 7 10 70%
Mrs H Bhachu Parent Governor 4 6 67%
Mr T Challenor Co-opted Governor Vice Chair – Chair of Resource Committee 6 7 86%
Mrs A Dhaliwal Co-opted Governor 7 7 100%
Cllr S Padda LA Governor 5 6 83%
Mr S Prebble Co-opted Governor 5 6 83%
Miss D Green Staff Governor 6 7 86%
Miss L Simpson Staff Governor 7 7 100%
Mrs Yousaf Associate Governor Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee 3 7 50%
O Dobson Co-opted Governor 2 6 33%
H Brar Parent Governor (Now resigned) 5 6 83%
Mr S Kuruvari Parent Governor 5 7 71%
Mr J Goulding Associate Governor 6 6 100%

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